The Blood Moon #itravelinitaly

Blood Moon Pedaso
Blood Moon Pedaso

Blood Moon “La Luna Rossa”, The original photo published yesterday, where the sky is confused with the sea and is understood only by the reverb of the moon, that under the sea, on Instagram did not like, and yet it was as I saw it, never I had been lucky enough to occasionally hit such a unique event,
Now I changed the blue with green, and like more, in practice, in my miserable experience, is the contrast of the colors you like, not the photo.

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I travel in Italy #itravelinitaly . Baldassarri Giuseppe Visual Storytelling Travel and Holidays.

The mission is to share my passions with you.

My passion is photography, travel, knowing the territory with its artistic, geographical and natural beauties, the food, an expression of in place.

I am Italian and I love Italy, which places in the world can best express all this. Look here.

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