I want a house facing the sea. #itravelinitaly

I want a house facing the sea.

Porto Recanati

I only have to get there on foot, like this, just walk the sand and the sea.

Small and narrow houses that go by height, and I want to see the sunrise, sunset, the stormy sea, calm, and the summer the heat burn the walls, sweat, sweat, feel the heat of the sand burn your feet, and throw me in the water, swim and swim, look at my house from the sea, with all the tranquility and life of the sea.

See the fish jump, the currents change, the waves break on the shore.
To hear the rumor of the sea continuously. join me in my sleep, at lunch, dinner, and breakfast.


The mission is to share my passions with you.

My passion is photography, travel, knowing the territory with its artistic, geographical and natural beauties, the food, an expression of in place.

I am Italian and I love Italy, which places in the world can best express all this. Look here.

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Life is what we make of it. Travel is a traveler. What we see isn’t what we see but what we are. My name is Giuseppe Baldassarri, I am working in the tourism sector for more than thirty years, working in close contact with customers.
My modus operandi is to get in tune with the client’s wishes to enhance the offer.
Valorize the territory by knowing all its artistic, geographical and natural wealth.
I chose this profession for continuous contact with other people and for involvement in a working group.

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My name is Giuseppe Baldassarri, I am working in the tourism sector for more than thirty years, working in close contact with customers.