Brilliant #itravelinitaly Photo by Giuseppe Baldassarri — National Geographic


I’m still looking at the photos of the red moon, I found this, no tweaks or so, seen so, I still have many to see but this looks beautiful I do not know if you will have the same effect. On that day I met the usual dog, I do not know what it’s called, goes around free with his master, can do it because there is only the railway, the walk, and the sea, usually comes to meet me sniffs the holidays and if it goes, when I took the picture he sat up. You say, why did not you take a picture

Sorgente: Brilliant #itravelinitaly Photo by Giuseppe Baldassarri — National Geographic Your Shot

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Seen from the sea. #itravelinitaly

Seen from the sea.

Pedaso’s seafront of the twentieth-century songwriters is even more fascinating.

For some time I tried the right photo, or the sea was rough, so the reflections of light on the water were not seen, or on the waterfront was blown the light, I could never make the picture that I had in mind.

In this picture, the central blunder is of the lighthouse, almost always in operation, because pedaso for the rocks that emerge on the sea, it is quite dangerous.

I have a memory when I was 10 years old, my father and I sailed here, in those rocks to take mussels, and I have a vivid memory of my first lighthouse seen in my life on this little promontory.
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The promenade of the twentieth-century songwriters of Pedaso. #itravelinitaly

The promenade of the twentieth-century songwriters of Pedaso.
Pedaso’s promenade along the seafront is separated from the town by the railway, to go along the promenade, accessible only on foot or by bicycle, you have to cross underpasses.

These underpasses, long ago, were dedicated to Italian twentieth-century songwriters, with events organized to celebrate the event, concerts on the sea, a very beautiful and appreciated initiative.
All this to enhance the territory, also the seafront will soon be connected to the neighboring country with a bridge, a project of the European congregation of the 90s.
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As this curve. #itravelinitaly


Pedaso fishing town. an ancient seaside village.
Like all Italian cities, even pedaso in the Marche region, it has the old part, the best area full of history and beautiful constructions.
Palaces, streets, boundary walls, towers of the clocks, main square, but the streets are particular, as this curve, with the pavè on the ground and at the bottom a low underpass, maybe once it was something else.

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The Blood Moon #itravelinitaly

Blood Moon Pedaso
Blood Moon Pedaso

Blood Moon “La Luna Rossa”, The original photo published yesterday, where the sky is confused with the sea and is understood only by the reverb of the moon, that under the sea, on Instagram did not like, and yet it was as I saw it, never I had been lucky enough to occasionally hit such a unique event,
Now I changed the blue with green, and like more, in practice, in my miserable experience, is the contrast of the colors you like, not the photo.

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I can not do without it #itravelinitaly .

I can not do without it #itravelinitaly . When I walk to Pedaso and step in front, I can not help but take a picture, another, I can not do without, it is so special this wall and beautiful, made of bricks or stones set with their circular angle.

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The moon on the sea #itravelinitaly

With all the splendor yesterday at 17:30 to Pedaso there was thus the moon of color red and orange. The Sea merged with the sky and the reflection of the moon on the sea was a shaded orange. I took 100 photos, I only looked at the first 20 and did not know which one to choose.

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