Sunshine in Golden Color Burns

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color-burn._sunshine_ideagb_giuseppebaldassarri A beautiful destructured sunrise in gold and bright colors.

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That day I fell in love with American Football.

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I watched fascinated the game 49ers against Cowboys, 1980 maybe, recently I understood the rules, in that action of Joe Montana’s laze that made him legend, I tried a unique and strong emotion, never tried before for another sport.
The American Football where the patterns and the organization of each single team, leaves nothing to chance, the chaos is created and ends in 4 seconds, by magic the action of a champion like Joe Montana that euchasizes the crowds.
On the stands of the stadium, of that match, a child “Tom Brady” with the magician of Joe Montana, looks crying.
Now Tom Brady who is more legend than the legend, will play another superbowl, and all this is just exciting. It’s time for the Superbowl.

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Promenade for a Wunderlust

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Pedaso’s promenade for a walk, the bike path, the church, the homemade ice-cream, the beer festival, the beach-front seafood restaurants, the fishermen when they come back to the dock and sell fresh fish.


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CK Baker Mar 2017
black jaw
the walls of inside passage
look the same
from sound to straight
tugs and plugs
dot the coastline
as the quartermaster rolls
giving time for evening glare


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from History
by Brenda Marie Osbey ©2004, 2008, 2012

colón and colonie
exercises in linguistic dexterity
west indies
east indies
french indies
dutch indies
and such

american islands company
royal african company
french senegal company
santo domingo company
guiana company
second louisiana company
new cayenne company
new france
and that much more
so very much
how long until application of the etiquette
that a great value of being good company
is knowing when to depart?


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Stephen E Yocum Jul 2018
Golden Years?
An older neighbor of mine
did recently confide;

“Reckon I’m gettin’ ready to die,
my mind ain’t working so smooth
anymore, open my skull and what
might ‘ya see, would resemble some
surreal Salvador Dali painted scene.
All melted watches and disjointed ****.

My legs are unreliable at best,
my back continually aches,
blasted headaches refuse to abate.

I shuffle along like some broke
down thing, balance sketchy at best.
My recall comes and goes like a
random weak spray from a garden hose.
Spurts, leaks running here and there,
No continuous steady stream going
anywhere, not unlike when I try to ***.

They took my drivers license,
said I was incapable today and
would be more so tomorrow.

I used to dream of things I’d do,
beautiful girls I’d like to *****.
Now any dreams I can recall
revolve around food and that’s
pretty much all.

I wake at 6 AM each day
my body racked with pain,
eat some mush and sit in my chair,
fall asleep and wake ’bout noon.
Repeat some food, return to my chair,
turn on the tube, 20 minutes in feeling
like the world is a hopeless **** mess.
Even todays music ain’t fit to hear.
Taking me yet another nap in my chair.

I used to care ’bout lots of things,
now I can’t remember why or where.
If these here are my golden years,
I’d rather be young, broke and *****
lovin’ my Cheerleader girlfriend Amy
in the back seat of my ’48 Chevy.
Now those were the Golden Years.”
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