Scream or Sing #itravelinitaly

The Seagulls are beautiful to see dancing on the waves, they touch each other as the waves break so strongly on the beach, scream or sing or call themselves, in those few meters nature creates a unique spectacle.

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The moon on the sea #itravelinitaly

With all the splendor yesterday at 17:30 to Pedaso there was thus the moon of color red and orange. The Sea merged with the sky and the reflection of the moon on the sea was a shaded orange. I took 100 photos, I only looked at the first 20 and did not know which one to choose.

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The explosion of colors. #itravelintaly

Porto San Giorgio Fermo Marche Italy=150

The marina of Porto San Giorgio, located in the south of the country, from the port you can see the Sibillini mountains, 60 km away, the Conero mountain. and every day is an explosion of colors. I look every day, I can not wait, to walk barefoot on the beach, feel the sand burn and then throw me into the sea for a swim. Storytelling. The shares both positive and negative, are born today everywhere. Create emotional density and meaning around an initiative, a man or a woman, a place.  …MORE.

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The color “The cooked”… #itravelinitaly

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The cooked #itravelinitaly


in Italy is the type for every old building, the small bricks, the color changes every hour for the sunlight.
This for us Italians, and a daily and normal. for a tourist, no. And the first thing that a German friend of mine just told me told me. To my question, what is the first feeling? The color “The cooked”…

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Pedaso old main avenue. #wanderlust

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Seagulls. #landscapes

Porto Recanati Monte Conero

Seagulls, that day in Porto Recanati was cold with a lot of wind, typical in February at Monte Conero, wind from the North East. I enjoyed watching and photographing seagulls flying over the waves.

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