The Adriatic Sea is in a storm. #itravelinitaly Adriatic sea Adriatic sea

Today, as every time the wind comes from the northeast, bringing air from Siberia directly, a cold wind puts the Adriatic sea in a storm.

We feel the saltiness penetrate into the nostrils, the temperature drops considerably, between yesterday and today 10 degrees of difference, and usually brings snow, which happens disproportionately every 5 years, today there are no clouds so no snow, the ‘humidity’ is 40% and the temperature is close to zero.

I love walking along the waterfront even in these moments, see the waves crash on the beach, and the joy of the seagulls.

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Castrum Maranum

Castrum Maranum
The old, medieval, incised Marano on the hill constitutes the main nucleus of the village, while it is in the second half of the nineteenth century that, further down, the seaside village takes shape; there are also archaeological sites that refer to the Piceny civilization (VIII-II century BC) that the human settlements become more intense, as evidenced by the numerous necropolis in the Castelletta district, rich in grave goods. Defeated the Picenes (268 BC), Cupra Marittima became a Roman colony and the ager cuprensis was identified with the Regio V Picenum famous for the production of oil, olives and maritime trade with its large port located to the north of the current country. In this area there were warehouses, the moorings of ships and amphorae that were used for the transport of wheat and oil came to light. With the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the barbarians broke out: Cupra was sacked many times and underwent the domination of Byzantines, Longobards and Franks, until in the ninth century the Moors destroyed it. The Cuprensi retreated to the heights giving life to Castrum Maranum (the strongest defensive nucleus).

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Red Sky

A red sky lights up the night, This fiery passion inside, It is much like these red skies, Driving you from the warmest of days, To the coldest of nights, This fiery passion inside, Never let it die.
by Joshua Adams

Photo place 》Lugomare dei Cantautori, PedasoFermano, Marche, Italy.