Kitesurfing in the Conero Riviera



Kitesurfing in the Conero Riviera Copyright All rights reserved © By travelers from Italy Photo by Baldassarri Giuseppe visual storytelling. To share on @itravelinitaly_com and @googlemaps.
Kitesurfing in the “Conero Riviera”

Conero Riviera, Monte Conero, Riviera del Conero, Sirolo, Numana, Marcelli, Porto Recanati,  Portonovo, Province of Ancona, Italy

Kitesurfing in the Conero Riviera Copyright All rights reserved © By travelers from Italy Photo by Baldassarri Giuseppe visual storytelling. To share on @itravelinitaly_com and @googlemaps.
I spent a whole morning photographing from a roof-garden on the 5th floor, the fabulous kite surfers in Conero Riviera. The sea was rough with strong winds from the northwest, I think Kitesurfing was ideal, they were at least 20 to flutter.

Find yourself amidst beaches, surrounded by bountiful nature and rocky mountains, and a sinuous landscape shaped by the wind and the sea.
This is the Conero Riviera, one of the most beautiful maritime environments in the Marches Region.
The Riviera boasts several picturesque towns, more precisely Sirolo, Numana, Marcelli, Porto Recanati and Portonovo, all of which provide accommodations with all the amenities, as well as opportunities for water and beach sports, relaxation, and fun.

Kitesurfing is a sailing sport, born in 1999 as a surf variant and consists of being towed by a kite, which uses wind as a propeller and which is maneuvered through a bar, connected to the kite by thin Dyneema or spectra cables called “lines “, long between 22 and 27 m.

Monte Conero. #itravelinitaly Photo by Giuseppe Baldassarri — National Geographic Your Shot

Monte Conero, beautiful and majestic every season, in winter protects us from the cold northern winds that cause disturbances, creating a mild microclimate throughout the year. Monteconero

Nice to see it from the sea, as it protrudes this promontory in the Riviera, with fascinating beaches of different kinds, white stones, black stones, sand, gravel.
It is easy to make a trip from the sea to see the 2 Sisters, two peaks on the sea, and it is easy to make excursions on the mountain, to enjoy the view.
Climbing up the mountain there is Sirolo with its fantastic views, below there is numana with its port, from the opposite side to the north, above the wind, there is Portonovo a beautiful bay. I do not know what to say, the alleys of these villages full of very beautiful constructions, with breathtaking views, in continuous ups and downs. Simply Monte Conero.

By: Simply Monte Conero. #itravelinitaly Photo by Giuseppe Baldassarri — National Geographic Your Shot

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In The Blue Painted Blue

In The Blue Painted Blue
I think that dream like that
Will never return
I painted my hands
And face blu
Then all of sudden I was
Abducted by the wind
And I started to fly
In the infinite sky
To fly ho ho
To sing ho ho hoho
In the blu, painted blue
Happy to stay up there,
And I flew and flew
Happy, higher than the sun
by #Modugno

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Monte Conero

Monte Conero (Mount Conero), is a promontory in Italy, situated directly south of the port of Ancona on the Adriatic Sea.
The name Conero comes from the Greek name Komaròs and indicates the strawberry tree which is common on the slopes of the mountain.


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