Pedaso old main avenue. #wanderlust

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The sun has burst the sky
Because I love you
And the river its banks.

The sea laps the great rocks
Because I love you
And takes no heed of the moon dragging it away
And saying coldly ‘Constancy is not for you’.
The blackbird fills the air
Because I love you
With spring and lawns and shadows falling on lawns.

The people walk in the street and laugh
I love you
And far down the river ships sound their hooters
Crazy with joy because I love you.

The Sun Has Burst The Sky
Jenny Joseph


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A Gleam Of Sunshine – Poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

This is the place. Stand still, my steed,
Let me review the scene,
And summon from the shadowy Past
The forms that once have been.

The Past and Present here unite
Beneath Time’s flowing tide,
Like footprints hidden by a brook,
But seen on either side.

Here runs the highway to the town;
There the green lane descends,
Through which I walked to church with thee,
O gentlest of my friends!

The shadow of the linden-trees
Lay moving on the grass;
Between them and the moving boughs,
A shadow, thou didst pass.

Thy dress was like the lilies,
And thy heart as pure as they:
One of God’s holy messengers
Did walk with me that day.

I saw the branches of the trees
Bend down thy touch to meet,
The clover-blossoms in the grass
Rise up to kiss thy feet,

“Sleep, sleep to-day, tormenting cares,
Of earth and folly born!”
Solemnly sang the village choir
On that sweet Sabbath morn.

Through the closed blinds the golden sun
Poured in a dusty beam,
Like the celestial ladder seen
By Jacob in his dream.

And ever and anon, the wind,
Sweet-scented with the hay,
Turned o’er the hymn-book’s fluttering leaves
That on the window lay.

Long was the good man’s sermon,
Yet it seemed not so to me;
For he spake of Ruth the beautiful,
And still I thought of thee.

Long was the prayer he uttered,
Yet it seemed not so to me;
For in my heart I prayed with him,
And still I thought of thee.

But now, alas! the place seems changed;
Thou art no longer here:
Part of the sunshine of the scene
With thee did disappear.

Though thoughts, deep-rooted in my heart,
Like pine-trees dark and high,
Subdue the light of noon, and breathe
A low and ceaseless sigh;

This memory brightens o’er the past,
As when the sun, concealed
Behind some cloud that near us hangs
Shines on a distant field.

A Gleam Of Sunshine

La Playa

Vamos a la playa
A mí me gusta bailar
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Castrum Maranum

Castrum Maranum
The old, medieval, incised Marano on the hill constitutes the main nucleus of the village, while it is in the second half of the nineteenth century that, further down, the seaside village takes shape; there are also archaeological sites that refer to the Piceny civilization (VIII-II century BC) that the human settlements become more intense, as evidenced by the numerous necropolis in the Castelletta district, rich in grave goods. Defeated the Picenes (268 BC), Cupra Marittima became a Roman colony and the ager cuprensis was identified with the Regio V Picenum famous for the production of oil, olives and maritime trade with its large port located to the north of the current country. In this area there were warehouses, the moorings of ships and amphorae that were used for the transport of wheat and oil came to light. With the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the barbarians broke out: Cupra was sacked many times and underwent the domination of Byzantines, Longobards and Franks, until in the ninth century the Moors destroyed it. The Cuprensi retreated to the heights giving life to Castrum Maranum (the strongest defensive nucleus).

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The Nature Valley

The Nature Valley. Through the green valley and past the crooked treethere lies a place of love and tranquility where food and water are in abundancy and children play happy free from tyranny. Through the green valley and past the golden tree there is a place of art and wonder and glee where people sing and dance in jeu d’ esprit and families are happy not refugees. Through the green valley and past the diamond tree there a place of beauty a land of the free where people live in a state of ecstasy and pain is vanquished there is no misery. Through the green valley and past the godly tree There the kingdom of heaven ‘grandiosity’

by Wade Harlaine

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